About DWR

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About DWR

Digital WarRoom® (DWR) is an e-discovery solution bringing together analysis, document processing, document review and production capabilities in one software package. Designed for use by in-house counsel and law firm legal support departments, Digital WarRoom is backed by the over 20 years of proven work flows, methodologies and technology used by our consulting group. This software allows legal professionals to address e-discovery obligations in a proven and cost-effective manner. Attorneys and litigation support professionals can process, analyze, review, and produce documents all with one integrated solution. The result – greater efficiency, accuracy, and control.

DWR includes support for the following – all at an affordable cost:

•Pre-review document analysis – gives legal teams a snapshot to quickly scope document volumes and assess review resource requirements.

•End-to-End Solution – from identification to post-production, including deposition preparation with a few clicks of a mouse.

•Inventory, process, cull, filter, review, and convert documents with a single application.

•Matter management and document control – allows teams to track and manage content and assets.

•Create matter-specific collections for re-use (no need to re-process).

•Export documents with third-party load files.

•Single interface for reports and chain of custody.

•Native file review platform: simple, easy-to-use interface to support quicker review.

•Efficient production work flow.