Add/Delete Custodians

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Add/Delete Custodians

To modify the custodians in the matter select the Manage Custodians feature from the Matter menu

To Add/Rename/Delete existing custodians

Double-click to go into "edit mode". Right Click Custodians to add a "parent level" custodian or right click on a custodian to add a sub-level custodian.

Right click on an existing custodian to delete. Deleting a custodian will "promote" all documents assigned to that custodian to the parent of the custodian being removed. If there is no parent, the documents will go back in to the "Unspecified" custodian


A list of custodians can be added by selecting the "load from file" option. Load a list of "paths" from a text file to create custodian hierarchies (Use colon ':', back slash '\', or forward slash '/' as path delimiters)


If using the All Custodians field (available as an advanced field in Edit Columns - Advanced) only those custodians checked will appear in the All Custodians field.