Appendix B - Effective Keyword Searches

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Appendix B - Effective Keyword Searches

A Boolean search request consists of a group of words or phrases linked by connectors (such as AND or OR) that indicate the relationship between them. The following table includes examples of Boolean search requests.

Search request


apple AND pear

Both words must be present.

apple OR pear

Either word can be present.

apple w/5 pear

"Apple" must occur within five words of "pear."

apple AND NOT pear

The word"apple" must be present and the word "pear" must not appear.

sender contains smith

The sender field must contain the word "smith."


Email must include the address ""


Email must include any email account beginning with "t" at

apple w/5 xfirstword

"Apple" must occur in the first five words.

apple w/5 xlastword

"Apple" must occur in the last five words.

creditcard(1234 5678 1234 5678)

The specified credit-card number must occur.

//text contains (bob or jim)

Don't search fielded metadata (i.e. document title, to, from, cc, subject, etc.) To search the "bodies" of emails and documents without returning hits on the metadata, use the "//text contains" syntax.