Convert to Production

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Convert to Production

When a producing party provides Bates-titled documents without a load file, use the "Convert to Production" function to extract the Bates information and update the Bates information in DWR.  


After processing, right click on the collection and select Extract Bates numbers.....



The tool will predict the Bates Prefix Pattern and bates pad reporting on the number of matches.  These fields can be updated if the predicted patterns are not as expected.



DWR will extract the bates information and update both the XREF and the BATES fields.



When documents are loaded with a load file but are not produced documents (such as scanned paper files) the Bates numbers can be removed.  Right click on the Bates prefix in the filter tree and select Remove Bates prefix. This will remove the production flag from the entry in the Document List.



Confirm the selection:



The XREF column and Bates column will be updated and the blue flags will no longer appear.  The set will be removed from the Productions filter but remain in collections.