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The second tab in the Document Browser is the Highlighted tab:


The Highlighted tab shows keywords within the documents after performing a Keyword Search:


Documents that contain the keyword(s) will appear in the  Document List. Click on one of the documents in the  Document List and the full text of the document will appear in the Document Browser. The Highlighted tab will now appear in the Document Browser window.

At the top of the document, click the <<first hit>> link to jump to the first keyword. Use the double arrows to navigate to the previous (<<) or next (>>) occurrence of the keyword. Here we have searched for the word "protect":


If you include family members, documents marked with the Filter Mismatch Indicator (warning) are included in the list panel because they are part of a document family and not because they meet the filtering criteria; therefore, they do not include any keywords related to your search and will not display hit highlighting:


Note: The text of an un-indexed document cannot be keyword searched and will not display highlighting on the Highlighted tab, even if it is an image created from text (such as a Word document made into a .TIFF file or a .PDF file).

Important: There may be metadata or other hidden content that is searchable but not viewable in the browser.