Shortcut Keys

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Shortcut Keys

The following table includes the shortcut keys available

Hot key(s)


Ctrl + A

Selects all documents in the document list.

Ctrl + C

Copies selected data to the clipboard of the local computer and to be pasted into local applications

Ctrl + Shift + K

Open Keyword List Manager

Ctrl + K

Open the Keywords filter box (if hidden)

Ctrl + Shift + O

Opens the Open Matter/Select a Matter dialog box.

Ctrl + Shift + T

Display the Thread Visualizer window

Ctrl + Shift + H

Display the Date Histogram window

Ctrl + Shift + W

Display the Work Product Inspector window

Ctrl + Shift + N

Opens New Matter Dialog

Alt + Enter

Opens Matter Properties

Ctrl + Shift + F5

Reset Layout

Ctrl + F5

Refreshes environment settings.

Ctrl + N

Opens the Manage Collections dialog box to add a new collection

Ctrl + R

Opens the Review Policy dialog box

Ctrl + E

Opens the Export Documents dialog box

Ctrl + W

Opens the Work Product palette

Alt + Down Arrow

Advance Document Bowers to Next Document

Alt + UP Arrow

Advance Document Browser to Previous Document

Ctrl + F

Turn on Toggle Row Filters

Ctrl + P

Prepare Production

Ctrl + Shift + P

Endorse Production

Alt + F4

Exit DWR

Ctrl + F6

Open additional browser window


Refreshes the last search.

Up Arrow, Down Arrow

Scrolls up or down through the document list.

Ctrl + Shift + R

Open Reports

Ctrl + click column header

Adds the column header to the sort order. For example, if the Date column header is selected and the documents are sorted by date, hold down Shift and click the EXT column header to sort the documents first by date, and then by extension. To remove a column from the sort order, perform a new search.

Ctrl + Shift + F7

Run Queries window


Opens User’s Guide