Marks (Single Choice)

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Marks (Single Choice)

See Applying Marks, Issues, Comments to apply work product to documents.

The overall treatment of a document is designated by the Mark (responsive, non-responsive, etc). Only one mark selection is available for each document.

When creating marks for the matter consider the following options:

group - Marks are grouped together visually for ease of use. Marks with the same group settings will appear together in the filter and work product trees in Review.

sequence— the order in which the mark will appear in Review. Marks are ordered alphabetically by the sequence number.

propagate: (on pith), or not propagate.


Privileged: For documents with Marks of this type, Privilege Log features are enabled.

Produce: Marks with this type identify documents that are candidates for production.

Normal: Marks with this type identify documents whose status is other than privileged or produce.

Protective Order Designation (POD):

  The default PODs are:


Attorneys’ eyes only

Highly confidential


To create a Mark:

Click the Mark field in the row with the asterisk next to it.


Type in the new Mark and create a group if desired.  Also set the Sequence.  Marks are organized alphabetically by sequence number.

To change the type of the Mark, select a type from the drop-down lists

To change the POD associated with the Mark, click the existing POD and choose a new POD from the menu that appears. To add a POD to a Mark, click in the empty POD cell and choose or type the new POD.

For the Mark which should propagate to Pith duplicates when applied, check the "Propagate" box.

When complete select Apply.

To change the properties of a Mark:

Click the Mark name to select it and overwrite the old Mark information with the new information.

Click Apply to finalize the modifications.

To delete a Mark:

From the Settings menu, select Marks.

Select the row containing that mark and the Delete key on the keyboard.




Click Yes to delete the mark.

Select Apply when all additions or modifications are completed.