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To modify the documents which appear in review select  Policy on the Process  menu.

The policy applies to the entire matter.  To make modifications for a single collection or custodian use the filter options on that data set in review.  Produced documents are excluded from policy modifications. Email attachments are also exempt from the dedup policy to maintain all family relationships in review.


DeDup Options allow review to be set to include only one copy of each document across the entire matter.  

Restore suppressed thread group members to revert the action of selecting Retain Longest Thread in review.

To dedup a single collection or custodian

In review place the contents of the data set into a binder  

Right click on binder and choose Binder Properties and de-dup

Select the binder and  search "include families" placing the family members back into the binder

Exclude the contents of the binder and filter on the data set

The duplicates from that data set will now appear in the filter tree and can be removed from review. Removing From Review

To modify a single import to "pass through" to review without the policy, go to Manage Collections and select "Pass Through" as the policy option for that import.  Return to Settings and Apply Policy.  The effect will post 100% of the data from that import into review which can be helpful in examining a collection to determine the documents which are not meeting policy.  To reverse the action return to Manage Collections, set the import to "Apply Policy".  Return to Settings - Review Policy -Apply.