Saving Searches

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Saving Searches

To save entire sets of filter and keyword search criteria use the Save Search... feature. Searches are saved in the database and are available to all Reviewers.

To save a search:

Select all of the filter/keyword criteria to be saved.

Click the down arrow to the right of the Save Search button to show the search options and choose Save Search...



Enter a descriptive name for the search. Click Save.


To recall a previously saved search:

Select Saved Searches from the Filters drop down:


The list of Saved Searched will appear at the top of the Review view:


Select the search to be applied. Click Run Search. Double-click the search to be applied.

All of the criteria in the filter tree will be changed to match the criteria specified by the Saved Search.

Note: Recalling a Saved Search will return a different number of results than the first time the search was run when the Review corpus is changed (documents added/removed) after the search was initially saved.