What's new in DWR 2023

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What's new in DWR 2023

DWR 2023 updates and organizes the workflow to match what many users are doing with their projects. The menus are updated and the review user’s interface is streamlined. A filter has been added to easily locate those documents which are password protected or encrypted. Additionally, an updated viewer now displays a PDF version of all documents allowing the view of multiple extensions which previously impacted review.

The DRAFT tab has been replaced with the items from the Analysis menu. This move eliminates users clicking on that tab unintentionally and then being lost when their collections and binders were not as expected. The draft functions are now available as a menu on the top level of the tool.

The top level menus have been updated to incorporate functions based on whether that function applies to the entire matter or is a tool for review.

Locating Duplicates

Selecting F11 on the keyboard, while in the Document List, will now add all copies of the selected document to the filter results grid. When looking at a document with a yellow flag, using the F11 feature will pull in all copies to quickly locate the produced (blue flag) copy.

This feature can make use of MD5 values that have been supplied in received productions (DAT files).  Contact support@digitalwarroom.com for more information on adding supplied MD5s for received productions. Viewing Duplicates



The Matter Menu


All functions which apply to the entire matter have been migrated to the Matter menu eliminating the old Settings menu.  This menu also contains an updated visual representation of the Reports function allowing the user to immediately analyze multiple statistics about the matter.



The Process Menu

Review Policy is now located on the Process menu.  Additionally manage collections and the review policy dialog are now docked within the tool.



The Review Menu

All tools needed for review are now a part of the Review menu.  This menu is also how users will move from Drafts to Review. For document reviewers who are only doing document review, this will be the only menu they will now need to access as it contains all the review tools.



The Draft Menu

To access production drafts, where users previously selected a tab in review, select the Drafts menu.  This eliminates users clicking on this tab in review causing confusion.  Each function remains the same on the Drafts menu and many of these functions also remain accessible on the right click option on each production draft as well.




Analysis Tools

Are now on the tab next to the Filter tree.



The Help Menu

The user's guide is now available via the Help menu directly inside DWR.



Encrypted/protected files

Easily locate those files which the processing engine designated as encrypted or password protected (applies to newly processed data only).



The Updated Viewer

The updated viewer creates a PDF version of the native when it is first clicked on by a reviewer.  Once the PDF version is created, it is then displayed quickly for all reviewers going forward.


This viewer allows for the review of complicated Excel files where were previously unable to be displayed as well as multiple extensions which previously could not be viewed with the previous IE based viewer such as AutoCad and Visio.  

Selecting the Settings button on the view allows the reviewer to immediately see all properties of a document.