What's new in DWR 2023 Q2

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What's new in DWR 2023 Q2

This update features new ways to manage multiple matters in DWR!

The Open button on the Matter screen now will display the last 10 matters opened for quick access:


Search the full list of matters using the Search box.  Selecting a header field will sort the matters by the selected field.


To group by a field, drag that field up in the list:




Placing a matter into Nearline is now available directly from the Matter menu:


Select Nearline Billing to place a matter in Nearline for billing purposes.

When a matter is placed into Nearline, the next month's invoice will be calculated at $0.20/GB with a minimum fee of $50 across all matters.


When the matter is next accessed, users will receive a notification.  Selecting YES re-activates the matter.  Selecting No allows the user to open a different matter.


Produce all documents natively

To set the entire production to produce in native format, select Tools - Produce all documents natively.  When slip sheets are required for the all native production, be sure to go to Production Settings and select the option to include slip sheets.




Indexing Updated

Indexing will now run OCR for non-extracted text.  After the tool completes extracting text where available from the documents, any document where text was not extracted will be OCR'ed and the results from that OCR will be added to the Index.