What's New in DWR 2024

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What's New in DWR 2024

Processing documents referenced by load files has been updated. In the event a folder is dropped for processing and a load file is detected, the tool will automatically treat it as a production.

When a lfp or opt file is dropped onto an existing collection in the collections tree, the Add Production Dialog will appear.  When the production also includes a DAT file, the Image Path, Native Path and Text Path will be updated with the information from the DAT.  While the tool detects the Bates Field, Image Path, Native Path and Text Path from the DAT file, these fields are editable when modifications are needed.


When no DAT is provided, the tool will predict the location of the files.  These fields are editable  if the prediction does not meet expectations.



At the beginning of processing, the tool will audit the production and report any deficiencies.  These reports are exportable with the intention of containing the information the producing party would need to correct the error.  Click on the highlighted "copy" button to copy the text to the computer's clipboard.  Select YES to load the documents where are complete for review while awaiting a corrected production from the producing party.



The Extract Bates feature has been modified to be Convert to Production....


The tool will extract bates numbers from the titles of documents now including if the title is a range of bates numbers. A production will be created in Review and labeled for the Bates Prefix of the documents.



When Exceptions occur in data processing, an updated Exception Log report now appears on the Matter tab.  This log tracks the exceptions across all imports within the matter and is exportable:



Also, in the Manage Collections function, the exceptions are now displayed below the imports: