What's New in DWR Q1

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What's New in DWR Q1

Updates focus on imaging of documents and the ultimate export size of productions.  DWR now uses the same 3rd-party PDF renderer used in the Native tab of the document browser to image all documents regardless of the file type. The Advanced tab on the Production Settings dialog now allows for customized conversion of MS Office documents and PDFs.  When a production requires specific office document settings, select those options on Advanced.

All timeout settings are now set globally for all document types and can be modified on Advanced.

During the endorsement phase of productions, the tool now compresses the PDF image sizes to decrease the export size of the volume.  While this does extend the time it takes to endorse the documents, the export size is significantly smaller.  When a production is being exported as single page images, select Optimize for speed to bypass this added feature.



A report has been added to detail the email domains available in the matter:



You can now more easily filter for emails either From or To/CC/BCC specific domains or email addresses.